How is Bread Basket bread different from the bread I buy in the grocery store?

Bread Basket bread is made from scratch daily with organic ingredients utilizing traditional bread baking methods. Our breads include no fats, oils, preservatives, or dairy products with the exception of our cheese breads. Our core bread ingredients are whole wheat flour, water, honey, fresh yeast, and salt. Bread Basket is one of the few bakeries that uses fresh yeast in all of its breads. Good bread making takes time, and when fresh yeast is used, the process slows down. Additional nutritional information is available on our bread labels.

The Duncan family has been baking bread in the valley since the 1980s, and puts a lot of love and time into making sure each loaf of bread we sell to our Customers is exceptional and delicious. We enjoy educating Customers about the bread making process and getting ideas for new and delicious types of bread to add to our list of specialty breads.

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