Do you sell Gluten Free products?

Bread Basket Inc is now taking orders for our Gluten Free Bread. Please submit a Special Order request through our Contact Us site tab, call us, or stop by to place your order. We also currently sell Spelt Bread (made every Tuesday), and many of our Customers with Gluten issues have told us they do well with Spelt. We include our ingredients on our Spelt bread labels for you to consider and discuss with your health care professional to see if Spelt is a good choice for you.

We make our sandwiches with Boars Head meat and cheese, which are Gluten Free and exceptional quality. We will soon be offering Gluten Free Bread for sandwiches as well, but until that time, we offer a number of salad lunch options.

We also make Gluten friendly Granola. While we do not add ingredients with Gluten, our ingredients come from a facility which has Gluten.

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